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Basic HELP with Sketchfab API

Hi I new to and also to API´s I would really apreciate help setting up the API from sketchfab, basically I want to get uid from the sketchfab platform to display it in a bubble app:

I have triyed the BIM calculator example and the Etsy exmaple but the uid im getting is not the one that I want:

Here is the GET URL:{uid}/status?token={token}

Ass you can see in the URL after “uid” is “status” so I dont know haw that goes.

The uid im putting is: c52ea05222234b6eb561a6dc57161d68

Here is a screenshot of what im doing.

Thanks a lot if someonw could guide me, since im a newie in the API´s world.

Also Im in the Sketchfab API developers page and it says this:

You must perform an HTTP POST to

The uploaded file must be in one of the supported formats (or a compressed archive).

The POST request accepts the following parameters:
token : your Sketchfab API token
modelFile : the model you want to upload
name (optional) : model name
description (optional) : model description
tags (optional) : list of tags separated by space
private (optional) : if set to True, then the model is private (requires a PRO account)
password (optional) : if private is set to True, you can add a password to protect your file (requires a PRO account)
isPublished (optional) : defaults to True; if set to False, the model will be uploaded in Draft mode
We require the parameters to be posted separately as a multipart POST, not JSON or XML

What is a multipart POST, not JSON, and my question is, it is supported by bubble??