Basic important feature that Bubble might have missed

I hope Bubble will look into this important basic actions.

  1. Calculate non-repeating random string
  2. Auto-calculate birthday
    Add below if you have more basic functions that needs to be done by Bubble to lessen workflows and DB checks.
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I will voice a contrarian opinion on this one. In my view the primary goal of Bubble is to provide a robust user experience in the final apps. That means that for any feature they implement they have to think carefully about what the default behaviour should be, particularly around handling errors and invalid data. In general the pre-built features Bubble provides defaults to behaviour that is mostly unequivocally agreed upon as correct; if not outright adopted as a standard across the web development industry.

If Bubble were to provide pre-built implementations of some of the classic RDBMS features, like uniqueness constraints, or cascading deletes and updates, they would then have to make some very strong assumptions about how those changes would “Bubble” up, so to speak, to the specific app user experiences. By forcing developers to implement their own DB constrains through events, workflows, and triggers they force the developers to, hopefully, think carefully about how those constraints would impact the app user experience. In short “Don’t provide defaults when faced with equivocation”.

As for specific missing actions, i.e. functions, for one off needs there is always the JavaScript plugin, and for heavier problems custom plugin development can wrap nearly any function available in Node.js.

As a developer who has been in the industry since before HTTP 1.1 was being argued over, I appreciate and value the compromises and choices Bubble has made. I think they have made some very strong decisions about the visual syntax of their logographic language, particularly with regard to how to provide extensibility and wrapping around pre-existing code bases.

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