Basic Lookup Function

Hello! I have been trying to figure out how to use a user’s input to search a database and lookup a corresponding text value and have had no luck. I know there is nothing quite like a vlookup function, but I seem to only be getting a yes or no result, rather than the value I need.

How do I reference the column that I need data returned from when searching?

Thanks a ton

If user types in email =, and you want to return his full name, then create this dynamically…

Do a search for: Users where email = :first item’s full-name.

Thanks a ton for the help but hmmm… I’m not getting “:first item’s” as an option when I do this.

I have:

“Search for accepted zipss"s zip code text contains Current User’s Zip code text…”

Where accepted zipss contains the data I need to search and reference.

Any clue what dumb mistake I’m making?

Can you share screenshots? That’d help me understand what’s going on a bit better.


Okay, I see what’s going on. Clear that search. Then start again. Start with “Do a search for” when you have that, click on the text “Do a search for” and a 2nd pane will appear that enables you to 1) select the table (e.g., in my example this would be Users) and then add where clauses (e.g., in my example: email =

Then, back in the original pane, select “:first item” which will take the search result (which, in theory, is a list of things even if it has only one result) and turn it into a single thing.

Then you add the field you want from that thing (e.g., in my example: full-name)

Let me know how it goes.


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PERFECTO! Thank you so so much! I am very grateful to you (and others in this forum). Will pay it forward someday!

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You’re welcome.