Basic Question!

I’m building an app for school
I want whenever the person go to setting it’s show the current address that they already Put in Signup Page , I tried every thing

My data structure is I have a -School- as a type and -address- field

Hi there, @josemazin77… so you are saying the user signs up, they enter an address that you save as part of a school in the School data type, and the user is not able to see that address when they view the school’s settings… is that right?

Screenshots of your setup and of what you have tried would definitely help here, but a few things come to mind. Are you sure the address is in the database? Do you have any privacy rules in place that might be getting in the way of showing the address to the user? Could it be something as simple as the element in which you are trying to display the address not being big enough to display it?

Again, screenshots would be ideal if you really want to give someone a fighting chance of helping you in your threads, but check the things I mentioned above and see if they help.


What that I missing


Move the expression in the Placeholder field to the Initial content field.

I did it , still no data showing

Did you check the things I mentioned in my initial reply? What are the conditions on the element? One more thing… does the current user have a school in their School field? My bet is on that last one.

I think the mistake is in Privacy rule

The easiest way to see if that is the case is to remove the privacy rules and see if that helps. If it does, then figure out how to put the right privacy rules in place to meet the needs of your app.

By the way, the first privacy rule in that screenshot is invalid… read the statement with the asterisk directly under the rule (Bubble really needs to make that text red).

the School type is already visibile , so I don’t think it’s from Privacy rule

I spend 4 hours trying to find the problem , I really gave up

That’s the spirit. :wink:

a little hint could really help :blush:

You’re kidding, right? I gave you plenty of things to check in my replies. I’m sure you will say you checked them all, but did you really? If you want more help, share a lot more screenshots or a read-only link to your editor because you know this helping stuff isn’t magic, right?

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