Basic Search of Data – What am I missing?

New to using and have been watching a lot of tutorials (appreciate everyone who contributes to these as they have been a tremendous help.)

However, I am getting tripped up with what I feel is a basic issue.

Right now, I am working to create a judging system that will allow Judges to score the individual entries.

I created several data type…but for the purposes of this question will focus on Entry and Scorecard.

In the Entry, it has an AssetID – which is our Unique identifier and then a number of characteristics.

See below:


In the Scorecard Data Type – I have linked it back to the AssetID in the Entry table…

See below:


Now for my problem, I am using a QR Reader to read a QR Code that contains the AssetID and I am wanting to pass some parameters via a web URL to an additional page…such as which flight it belongs in.

What I am struggling with and is my question…is the Flight information is stored in the Scorecard table – so I should be able to search the Scorecard table for the Asset ID and pull out the Flight information and pass it.

However, I get the following error when I try to search on the Scorecard table.




What is completely confusing to me is – if I were to search for an item in the Entry Data Type – using the same criteria…it works just fine.



NOTE – I am using Panel above as just an example as part of my test…I do NOT want to keep the Flight information in the Entry table – but it should be stored in the Scorecard table.

So, my question is – why is it I am unable to do a search for the AssetID in the Scorecard table and pull the Flight information just like I was able to do with the Entry table?

Any suggestions or support is appreciated in advance.

The assetID on the Entry datatype is a ‘text’, which is why it works (as the QR content is also text)

The assetID on the scorecard datatype is an ‘Entry’… which is why it doesn’t work. (it expects an Entry, but it’s getting a text).

Hi there, @marshall… the reason the search works for the Entry data type is because the AssetID field in that data type has a field type of text, and This QRCodeScanner's QR Content is also text. However, in the Scorecard data type, the AssetID field has a field type of Entry, and you are trying to constrain that field with a text value. So, it’s a type mismatch, and the issue checker is telling you that.

In order to get a thing from the Scorecard data type by using a text value, you would have to use a constraint like AssetID = Search for Entry's:first item, and you would add a constraint to the search for entry’s where AssetID = This QRCodeScanner's QR Content.

Hope this helps.


Mike - I believe this makes sense to me and appreciate the response…

What confused me is if I look at the “data” that is in the Scorecard table it show me the correct AssetID

But I will try your approach and updated search criteria…thank you again.

If you click the Primary fields button in that screenshot, you should see that the primary field for the Entry data type is the AssetID field, and that is why you are seeing the asset ID in the Scorecard data type instead of seeing the default primary field, which would be the unique ID of the associated thing in the Entry data type.

Got it - and I can confirm your solution worked…being new to - was not familiar with doing the search within a search so to speak…but thank you for your quick answer as I have been pulling my hair out.

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