Basic storing questions

Hi , I have built a data type called quotes. And I’m randomly displaying them on page load.

What I want to do is when the user clicks on save icon, I want to store it in user’s favorite. I’ve created a new data type called saved quotes, where I want to save the quote against the user. I have created the workflow on save icon, but I’m struggling to find the value of the “Text box” so that I can save it in. How do I retrieve the value of the text box ?

Thanks for answering this very basic question

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No problem for asking a simple question. :+1:

It doesn’t work to save text from a text element. There are a few other ways to do this though. Here are some ideas:

  1. You can save it directly from your database where you are storing the quote. Do a search for the quote and save the first item.


  1. You can change the text element into an input element. You can make it look like a text element and even disable it so no one can change the quote. Then save it from the input.


  1. You can display it from a set state and then save it from the set state as well.

Just some ideas, depending on your experience, #2 might be the easiest way.


Hope that helps! :blush:

Thanks for the prompt response.

I just made it work in a different way (not sure how efficient).

I used a repeating group, and only display one cell. And then on user click on the save icon, I’m picking up the first thing from the repeating group. It is working :slight_smile:

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Cool! Good job! There are many ways to do one thing in Bubble. Whatever works for you. :+1:

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