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Basic web scraping using JS

I’ve been trying to find a web scraping app out there and there are so many choices. However, upon further reading, it seems that there is possibly a simpler solution using javascript and one of the Bubble plugins? Using the following URL example, does anyone know how I could retrieve the Seller’s Name and Current Price for the following link using existing Bubble features and not some fancy, over-engineered web scraping service?

This is where the no-code environment starts crossing over into coding, albeit basic coding I’m sure. Any advice or basic script would be greatly appreciated.



@avolaunch Any luck with this?

At the time I just got some assistance on Fiverr with some basic Javascript and then used this in the “Run Javascript” action from the Toolbox plugin. I believe Zeroqode have a plugin now called “Any Page Parsing Plugin” which seems to do some webscraping, but I haven’t tried it myself.

I see- thanks for the reply!