Batch changes of expressions when replacing element

I built an interface using the dropdown. Later when I experimented with the multidropdown I noticed that it’s a lot easier to use because you can search the list by typing. So I tried to replace the dropdown with the multidropdown.

I got a long list of issues from all of the expressions that referenced the dropdown.

This was because the dropdown’s value was just X but the multidropdown’s value is a list-of-X.

I’m restricting the multidropdown to 1 item, but in order to insert “first item” into the expressions I have to rebuild them from scratch. That’s particularly difficult because it erases everything following that reference, so I have to grab a screenshot of the rest of the expression. But that’s not always enough, so ideally I’d grab a screenshot of the expression before it’s broken.

This is probably too difficult to bother with because it’s going in the wrong direction, but it would be nice to have an option when replacing elements to do batch changes on all of the expressions that reference that element. Like you could go through the list of issues and select the expressions where “dropdown A’s value” should be replaced with “dropdown A’s value’s first item” and not have the rest of the expression disappear.