Baysian network

Can I implement a baysian network using bubble?

I’ll say no based on my two minutes of research.

…but you should hope for a reply from @aaronsheldon - I understand absolutely nothing that he says but at the same time completely agree with everything he says - this kind of mathsy question is his ballpark :grin:

Cool, would be interesting to have this confirmed. Thank you for your help!

Could not hear from the forum on this, I will try to narrow down the need. I need to show a diagram of many to many relationship - similar to multi parent inheritance in C++. The table will have many parents to many children relationship captured in the database. I need to show each note node representing each table row and I will need to show connecting arcs to represent their relationships. Can the forum suggest a known and robust element to have this implemented please?

Yes…and it will cost you an arm and a leg in workflow units to do any kind of statistical estimation with it. That is a task best offloaded to a dedicated computational service.

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Thinking only about GUI implementation for now. Is there a suitable plug in?

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