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BBCode And Https

Goodnight all,

I have been new to bubble for a few weeks and have encountered a few small issues when I arrive “at the end”.

In passing on the final domain name, impossible to obtain the address in HTTPS. After reading a lot of article, I can’t find the solution ??

I am on the IONOS host (I already have a few domain names on it).

Herewith the config in photo:

I would like to include a “carriage return” like the
tags do in HTML, but in BBcode.

After testing [br] as stated on the internet, it doesn’t work.

Because I am using [QUOTE] for messaging.

To do this, currently, I used 2 database entries.

But if I could delete one in order to lighten the whole thing …

Thanks everyone!

Regarding the BBcode, I share my solution:

It is indeed possible to use [table] [tr] [td] …

But the table is added automatically with a line break! (Which is not possible for me)

So I used [li] then add in menu SETTING → SEO / META → IN THE BODY:

li {display: block}

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