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BDK Native - An Update

Hello bubblers,

Hope you all had a great weekend!

First off, many thanks to some of the awesome bubblers who agreed to share their BDK Native apps with the bubble community! I’ve listed their apps in BDK Native Apps Gallery thread.

As we are in about 9 months into launch and head into the festive season, some quick updates about BDK Native -


  • Bubblers across 3 continents and several countries now have their apps built via BDK Native successfully listed on App Store and Play Store.
  • 7,000+ devices have an app built on BDK Native installed
  • 4 agencies across the globe are now using BDK Native for better serving their clients
  • 70% of customers had never published an app before using BDK Native
  • 80% of customers purchased our iOS + Android bundle
  • No customer needed to write any ‘code’ or ‘run JavaScript’ to get things working
  • Heads-down focus on product + support. $0 in marketing spent. Adoption is fully word-of-community driven :slight_smile:


  • Added a Helpdesk with articles to answer some of the commonly asked questions
  • Migrated support to a seamless hep search + chat interface across the apps (iOS, android) + webapp
  • Redesigned bubble + native app for a fresh new logo, coloring, look & feel. Check it out!


  • Doing away with the upgrade + rebuild fee pricing model
  • Going forward, you only pay for first build & rebuilds (if any)
  • Your app will be upgraded to latest engine version on a rebuild purchase at no additional cost

Random fact:

  • One of our customers mistakenly submitted the app directly for listing review to Apple instead of beta testing review via TestFlight.
  • Their app was approved and listed on the App Store within 12 hours of receiving the build :raised_hands:



I am just a happy customer with this bdk native service. And just want to share you all…yesterday I submitted an update to apple store directly to production…and it’s listed within less than 12 hours!:grinning::+1:

For playstore? It took 30 minutes…



Can also vouch for @gaurav and the BDK native apps service. It’s been a pleasure working with him :slight_smile:

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I can totally vouch for the BDK Native service as well! As with anything new in technology we can be initially reluctant to take that plunge and start building something off of something entirely new, but for anyone whose on the fence like I was, all I can tell you is that after 10 days or so of using the service you absolutely have to give BDK a try! I’m building an Airbnb/uber style app and my direct competitor has a team of 15 people and raised 30 million dollars to come out with their app 7 years after launching their company, and I’m about to recreate almost entirely what they did as an ultra small team and no external capital raised!

BDK leverages the best of what Bubble offers but offers a native shell that provides those absolutely necessary mobile features to create a perfect package for you to create any app that you want! It’s essentially a complete replacement for Apache Cordova and other HTML/JS/CSS style hybrid native app service. So you get an entire toolkit of everything that you need without any of the complexity.

Can’t wait to see the additional features coming out soon! Way to go Guarav!


hi there, i’m looking to have access to android/Apple Health api’s. Can i use BDK ?

Haven’t integrated the health api’s as of now but very curious to know potential use cases to think deeper about the product integration side. Can you DM me with what sort of a solution you’re looking for broadly?


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Hey guys, what about the fact that App Store or Play Market can delete web wrapper app anytime they want? And it is unreliable to use web wrapper.

Any source for that claim ? Thnks for sharing :blush:

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It is a rumor that I’ve heard on a certain no code podcast.
Is it a false claim?

Lol what… very certainly not the case :smiley:
I’d say think of BDK Native more as a framework on top of bubble.
Also, apple / google don’t delete apps from their stores that they’ve approved, unless you do some crazy stuff like getting the app approved for one thing and then changing it to something like a gambling / adult site etc.

I’d suggest ask them to back their rumors with actual evidence.


Any update on this?

Hi and @fitnet,
We don’t have support for Health api’s yet but certainly on the roadmap. Announcing the new engine release shortly though which brings new capabilities :slight_smile:

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Hi Gaurav,
Once a bubble app is converted to a native app with BDK can the can the native app be shared and downloaded via an email or website link? In other words, are the App Store and Google Play the only options for distributing the native app?