BDK Native App Builder limitations


Looking at options for converting my web app to a native mobile app. My app works with my own backend API to show user specific information for a game, user logs in, see’s up to date content from my API, clicks some buttons and get’s some analysis etc and that’s it. It’s subscriptions based and I want everything to run smoothly. I envisage my app being used a lot more than the website.

Can anyone who has used BDK or @gaurav think of any limitations or reasons why this wouldn’t work? Just want to know before I get started.


I don’t see any reason this wouldn’t work. If it’s working in the mobile browser version of your Bubble app, it should work with the BDK Native solution.

The limitations you’ll find using the BDK Native is when you start taking advantage of some the awesome actions available with the plugin that will only work in the iOS or Android environment, and not the web browser.

One thing to keep in mind is the subscription aspect. Apple may flag your model and require you to use in-app purchases. Which means you’ll be handing over 15-30% of every sale.

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Do you have additional information regarding the subscriptions?

When an user has an online subscription on the website and logs in in the app - does apple wants their share here?
Or just when the subscription is made within the app?


Apple takes a cut of any in-app purchase. If you have a method for capturing payment from users on a website, that is most ideal and will widen your margins greatly—like Netflix, Spotify, and others do.

This is definitely a gray area however if you explicitly write “log in from our website to pay” within your app, an App Store reviewer will likely reject your build and require IAP.

Yeah, just provide a demo account for apple reviewers, may be fine then

Here’s BDK’s info on IAP: Understanding In-app Purchases | BDK

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