BDK Native APP Zoom level unstable

Hello, when the app loads the BDK wrapper the zoom level is correct.

When I type into an input field the app zooms in (sign-in fields) and remains that way unless I pinch to zoom out.

How can I prevent the app from zooming in?

Checkbox in settings - prevent zoom

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Thanks. I found the check box in Settings > General under iOS appearance.

Note from BDK:
Your build includes an upcoming feature to allow you to use the screen edge to edge. You can copy and paste the above in bubble app settings → seo & metatags → script in header section

body { min-height: calc(100vh) !important; } [.main-page.bubble-element.Page]( { min-height: calc(100vh) !important; }

If you’re using a floating group as header, you’ll notice the header gets covered underneath the status bar icons such as time, giving a less than awesome look.

To resolve this, you can add a blank group (say 40px height) inside your floating group which has the header content. The group should be set to collapsible when hidden. You can make it hidden by default and conditionally make it visible when ‘BN - appinfo’s is Native app is yes’.

This should give you the same effect as the header starting from below status bar notch, starting from the top edge. This makes it look like the usual great headers of native apps.

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