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BDK - Native Apps and Plugins for Bubble - One page setup required?

[I have found a [great instructional video](Should I make my app single-page or multi-page? - YouTube) which answers my questions but I will leave this up for others to reference]

In this YouTube video the guy said he used with the BDK - Native Apps and Plugins to ‘wrap’ his Bubble website into a native App.

In the comments someone asked if the Bubble website should be designed as one page and he said that with BDK you can navigate between bubble app pages which gives you the choice to just make the site mobile friendly (rather than a one pager).

My questions;

  1. If we design as one page, that will be a LOT of information on one page. For example, if I want to navigate from ‘Create customer’ to ‘My settings’, would I have to keep both those pages in popup groups? Won’t this get very messy and hard to maintain?

  2. If I leave the website as multiple pages and make use of the BDK’s ability to wrap a multiple page site, are there any disadvantages (will pages load the same on a mobile?).

  3. Why don’t BDK have any way to contact them directly?