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BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

Did you get a response to this issue? I am too facing this.

Hey guys,

Just seeing the questions on this thread & others so I’ll get to the FAQs right away. As there were many topics over different forum threads, I’ll touch on most of them here in no specific order. It’s a bit of a long post.

For any subsequent queries not answered by below, please reach out via actual support channel i.e. the chat at Kindly don’t rely on support via forum. Its very difficult to manage practically as the forum wasn’t meant for product support.

  1. Agency plans: We don’t officially support password protected apps like on agency plan yet. It’s about to be released soon. If you’re an agency interested in using it right now, you can try a pre-release of upcoming v2.0. For that information please message me on the chat at the link mentioned above.

  2. Old / new responsive engine : BDK Native is agnostic to underlying rendering tech since we don’t interfere with content of the page. Hence, it will work with both old & new responsive engine from bubble. In fact, your app doesn’t even need to be built on bubble.

  3. Single-page / multi-page apps: We don’t have any constraints like single-page apps, specific page sizes, separate pages for native app, page ui control via parameters, pages built on non-bubble platforms etc. Our customers say that it’s the most seamless & drop-in wrapper for bubblers. To my knowledge, bdk native is also the only wrapper for bubble apps which has Native transitions (equivalent of new tab on browser) for navigating between different pages. You get to specify custom transition screens, swipe from left edge on iOS & android back button support like modern native apps.

  4. Background location: When app is in background, the bubble part will not receive the location information i.e. client-side workflows don’t run unless the page is in foreground. Before someone suggests → Yes we can send the location info to the bubble app via api call to backend workflows. But it’s important to take the time for getting it right. There’s risks if you implement it as some quick hack: (1) If you just got location update data pinged to bubble app without keeping scaling in mind, you’d likely be DDoSing your bubble app from your own native app. Even worse - you won’t be able to control it once the app is on the stores since that code will be in the native compile and not in the webview. You may end up in a situation where you’d need to either stop your bubble app or force remove your native app from store with that feature. We don’t want that for our customers. (2) The location data server side will need context from bubble app too (e.g. which user / thing is the location for). Else the information is useless. This means the wrapper will need to smartly support collecting user/thing data from your bubble app and then sending it server side.

  5. Sign In with Apple: A bit too much misinformation / misunderstanding around this one so I’ll clarify here. Like Sign in with Facebook, twitter, google etc. Sign In with Apple is another sign in (but with much better privacy options for user). It works on web, iOS and Android apps like other 3rd party sign-ins. It’s not only for native apps (yes, try it out on desktop / mobile safari if you’d like). BDK Native supports the Sign In with Apple implementation by default. So if you have it implemented for web in your bubble app (on your own / any plugin), it will automatically work inside native app. We don’t market this as a feature of bdk native since it doesn’t need to be marketed as a feature.

  6. In-app purchases: We’ve supported In-app purchases for over a year already. There are a lot of apps on the Appstore & Playstore that are built with bdk native and use these capabilities. I highly recommend you read this article I wrote to explain what in-app purchases are, how you decide whether apple / google require you to use these or 3rd party processors like stripe etc.

  7. Multiple native apps on one bubble app: We’ve supported this from the very beginning. You can have as many native apps pointing to the same bubble app (each project is independent of other), thereby enabling 2-sided, 3-sided commerce & marketplace apps like Uber etc. Bdk native based apps can be built for any link i.e. any page of your app (not just index) and it can also have url parameters etc.

  8. Build & Test before purchase: Most wrappers will give you ‘feature demos’. You can check all feature demos in the bdk native app as well. But we go way beyond this. You can also check out your page inside a native environment using the ‘Preview mode’ offered by bdk native app. There’s even more. You can install the Native apps (bdk) plugin in your bubble app and add native workflows to the bubble app. They work in the preview mode. So you’re actually able to start building your native app without even purchasing the full-service.
    Pro-tip: Bubble charges pro-rata basis for monthly subscription of plugins. You can install the Native apps plugin via monthly purchase option. So you only pay for the number of days you use (~$0.13 a day). Then if you like it, you can switch to the $16 one-time payment (no need to re-do workflows).

  9. Build & Test after purchase: Once you get your app built with us, your own app doubles up (rather multiples up) as a native ‘version-test’ app. What this means is you can make changes (including native workflows) in the version-test of your bubble app and test it in real-time in your own native app without deploying changes to live. This is just one of the several amazing use cases possible because of our firebase’s powerful Dynamic links feature that comes pre-integrated in all apps built with Bdk native.

  10. Pricing & Ease of use / build: Every build delivered comes with all features that we offer at that point of time. We don’t do feature-by-feature add-on pricing, add-on optional services pricing, or asking you to pay for some additional 3rd party services to enable features like in-app purchases. Our customers say that they like the product because it’s powerful & intuitive, and the build service because it’s hassle-free and easy. You never see an ad for Bdk Native because our customers like to refer us. This post is pretty much the most ‘marketing’ done for Bdk native.

  11. Links:

  • Bdk Native overview (features, pricing, differentiator etc.) is here
  • To install Bdk native app, open this link on your iPhone / iPad / Android phone / tablet
  • Gallery of few apps (currently ~85 listed) built with bubble & bdk native here
  • Answers to historically asked FAQs at helpdesk here
  • Feature-by-feature documentation for the plugin is here

Hope this answers most of the common questions.

Cheers & have a great weekend,


Hi @gaurav

I am using the Sudsy Page Router to Navigate my one-page app. I display groups mainly using conditionals (when path is X - this group is visible).

It works really well in the browser. When I try it with the BDK App (Android) everytime I use the “back-gesture” it closes my app and I get taken back to the BDK app.

Does this still happen when I order my app?


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Thanks for the update and information! I’m currently building and previewing with BDK and it’s awesome! It may be helpful to add some of the above into the documentation for when you’re getting started.

Another suggestion that could be incredibly helpful is a resource that outlines best practices when designing for a mobile layout (or even just linking to articles in the forum).

Hi @gaurav and everyone.

I couldn’t load BDK app simulator on iOS, because of the “expired” message. And I couldn’t find BDK app in the App Store as well. Has anyone encountered this issue?

I have reached out to the customer support for DBK but am currently getting nowhere so thought someone here may be able to advise.

Essentially I have two questions;

Firstly, I am unable to get the BDK software to work. I went to on the browser on my mobile device as instructed by customer support. They said to “installed the software” but this link goes to a webpage (I see no software installed on my phone).

This is what see when I click that link on my mobile phone:

I was told to go to Preview section and click the Configure button. I don’t see a Preview section but I can clearly see the ‘Configure’ button.

I click ‘Configure’ then add my web URL to the configure page and click save. Now, when I click ‘Launch’ I should see my app displayed but I see a blank page.

I also always see ‘0 found’ projects in the top left corner which may be an issue, see below;

The second question is only relevant if I can get the BDK software to work!

I was told that the BDK elements will not display on a web browser. Since my website is a single page app (SPA), all elements are on the index page and are shown or hidden depending on what needs to be seen.

One of my groups, for example, uses the Bubble’s date picker, so if I want to use the BDK’s native date picker I will have two date pickers on my Bubble page. I wondered if I can simply hide Bubble’s date picker when a user is viewing on a mobile. I put this question to BDK customer support who said that they don’t understand my logic. They said “the BN - elements are like any other bubble elements. It has nothing to do with groups / single page etc.” So, I am still none the wiser.

UPDATE: I just received feedback from customer support and it appears the link isn’t working correctly for me. It should direct to the app store but it sends me to the page (shown above) which is not the app store and has no ‘download’ options. At least now I know that I should just simply head to the app store and search for BDK.

Basically BDK works the same as in the browser. Hiding / Showing elements is definitely possible!

Maybe you try to create the project using a desktop device - and make sure to add a valid URL containing “https://www. …”

Also what you need to do (on Android) is to download the BDK Native App from the App Store and then launch your app from within the BDK App (not the bdk website)

Please disregard this. I forgot the BDK app needs to be downloaded/updated using TestFlight.

Once I updated BDK in TestFlight, everything is back to normal.

You should work for BDK because you have answered my questions clearly, something I have been waiting for, thank you! Ok, I just tried to create the project using a desktop device but I still get a blank page, kind of tired of BDK because it’s too difficult to get set up. Not sure if I should look elsewhere.

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Customer support never mentioned this to me?

I noticed that there are 2 separate pages to create:

  1. one for the preview &
  2. another for the build

To get the right one for the preview use the “Configure” button in the android app and try to enter “” and see what happens when you launch that. (should open google)

If google appears then there is some problem with your bubble setting.

Thank you @maze that was a good idea to troubleshot. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I took a screenshot of my mobile phone (then emailed myself the image) so you can see below:

I clicked ‘save’ and when previewed it was the usual blank page. I’m going to test other services because, to be frank, I have been struggling for weeks with BDK, it never worked and the website is confusing. I really appreciate your help though. I am listing the different ‘website-to-app’ services on this page.

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It looks like you are hitting preview from inside the website? If yes, you need to do that obviously from within the BDK app.

@maze Yes you are correct. I added an update to my eaerlier post on this;

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nice service & nice support

Hello folks,

I have an app wrapped with BDK native on the App Store. The certificates were created by @gaurav and since it is nearly a year now, I got an email saying they will expire in less than 30 days. Has anyone else had their app on the App Store for a year? I’m trying to understand how to renew the certificates (primarily if I should do it or if BDK team will do it automatically)

BTW, I’ve been using the BDK for nearly a year and while I’ve not tried any other service, I can’t imagine a service getting better than this - both from price and functionality. It has been nearly seamless.

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Explore the app store’s regulations and steps to renew the certificates.

This must be done there.

Would like to know too about this, can we do it ourselves or BDK will support this (if requires coding)

Hello guys.

Before sending the app for Apple review I suggest reading my article. It describes 15 aspects that you should check and fix before review

I will be very happy if it helps publish at least 1 app :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hi @gaurav,

I’m using the BDK Native plugin and i’m having issues with the BN-Takephoto element. I’ve placed the element on the page and i’ve managed to summon the camera. Camera access is granted in settings however after taking the picture, nothing happens. No automatic upload takes place even with the checkbox checked, and no image ever gets captured (normal or base64) so i’m unable to save the image to the DB.

Is this a known issue or am i using the element wrong?