BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

@maze Yes you are correct. I added an update to my eaerlier post on this;

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nice service & nice support

Hello folks,

I have an app wrapped with BDK native on the App Store. The certificates were created by @gaurav and since it is nearly a year now, I got an email saying they will expire in less than 30 days. Has anyone else had their app on the App Store for a year? I’m trying to understand how to renew the certificates (primarily if I should do it or if BDK team will do it automatically)

BTW, I’ve been using the BDK for nearly a year and while I’ve not tried any other service, I can’t imagine a service getting better than this - both from price and functionality. It has been nearly seamless.

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Explore the app store’s regulations and steps to renew the certificates.

This must be done there.

Would like to know too about this, can we do it ourselves or BDK will support this (if requires coding)

Hello guys.

Before sending the app for Apple review I suggest reading my article. It describes 15 aspects that you should check and fix before review

I will be very happy if it helps publish at least 1 app :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Hi @gaurav,

I’m using the BDK Native plugin and i’m having issues with the BN-Takephoto element. I’ve placed the element on the page and i’ve managed to summon the camera. Camera access is granted in settings however after taking the picture, nothing happens. No automatic upload takes place even with the checkbox checked, and no image ever gets captured (normal or base64) so i’m unable to save the image to the DB.

Is this a known issue or am i using the element wrong?


Hello bubble mobile builders :slight_smile:

Is there a way with BDK to launch mobile native pop up where you can see the last page behind like in the screenshot ?

Thank you,

Hello Bubblers :slight_smile:

Is it possible to share multiple images with BN Share Media ?
I tried to pass the URLs of the selected images to a custom state but it doesn’t work.
I also tried to get in another custom state a list of selected images + their url but it doesn’t work either.
Thank you for your feedback


Is there an option for GPS tracking to work while the user’s phone is locked/screen off? I’m working on a vehicle tracking app but I can’t rely on the user’s phone to be on. Can the app continue to run with the screen off?

I’m not 100% sure, but I doubt it’d work if the screen is off

I checked with the Zeroqode guys and they said the same thing about their app wrapper. I’m no Android/iPhone dev but what is preventing it from the BDK/Zeroqodes apps from tracking all the time? I see this option for an app I have that requires tracking while screen is off.

Ahh, yup. It has to do with the fact that it’s a web app wrapper vs being a truly native mobile app. I bet with some research, you can find a way—I just don’t know myself. I’m a huge advocate of wrapping a Bubble app for iOS and Android, but there are definitely limitations.

Okay thanks so much. I figured it might be Web-wrapped related sadly…

The one signal tool for renewing certificates was down so @gaurav was kind enough to do it for me.

Hello @gaurav .
Today, the testing app asks me to update the app to latest version.
Not able to do anything with the app, even if i am definitely on the latest version.
Any Idea how this bug happened ?

hey @gaurav , by change you know if the drag and drop plugins work with your wrapper?? or any html5 canvas plugins ?

Hi Everyone and @gaurav .

I am working on a Native app that I have already converted to BDK.
The app has a chat function including voice messaging.

I am using “BN-Record Audio” to record audio messages on both Android and iOS and saving them into the database in the form of files. Also, I am using “BN-Play Audio” to play these saved audio messages on the front end.

Now the problem is that when I record an audio on Android, It gives me a “.AMR” file that gets saved in the DB. This “.AMR” file plays well on android phones, but when I try to play this “.AMR” file from database in my iOS device it does not play at all.

The reason behing this could be that iOS does not support '.AMR" files since iOS 4.3 onwards.

Really frustrated and can’t find a solution for this problem as I cannot use any other audio player plugin available on Bubble because they don’t play with BDK native.

Any king of help would be appreciated in this regard. Thanks

The html recording audios not working is also a problem to me…

First of all, BDK Wrap is awesome!
There are just 2 things that prevent me from saying that is perfect, 2 issues that I really need but I can’t workaround.

1st issue → ANDROID bdk doesn’t allow FULL SCREEN, and it doesn’t seem to work with any video player (I’ve tested lots). So for example, I have youtube videos on my page, and my users with android can’t watch it in full screen.

2nd issue → The recording plugins doesn’t seem to work too, so it’s impossible for the user to record an audio while seeing the app page. As mentioned by @Talha54, there are also problems with playing the file formats.

I really look foward for these issues to be resolved in the next updates
I will update my app immediately when it’s released

But even then, thanks for your work @gaurav

(Currently I have a button that opens the video link outside the app, so they can watch it in full screen, the problem is that it doesn’t carry the current time with it, so if the user presses in the middle of the video, he will watch it from the beginning again)

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