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Have you tried sending msg directly from BDK app?

Hey @gaurav any chance there will be an update that allows the video player in android to go full screen video similar to the ios version ?

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Hello @gaurav,

Is there any way the bottom Nav bar on android can be themed?

Also, does BDK support App PINs stored locally on a user’s device? I’m looking to implement although it’d appear the only option is to store in the cloud?

Yes. Me.

Hello folks. I’ve been using BDK and so far it’s been beyond brilliant. In fact, there were times when @gaurav went beyond and even updated my OneSignal that Apple requires to updated every year.

However for the past few months, I seem to have hit a wall with support, so I’m reaching out here.

For the android app, I keep getting emails saying that the app is using an old billing library and that my billing library needs to be updated. I’ve bought time till May 2023, but play store says that after May 2023, my app will not be discoverable.

Anyone else with this trouble? Any idea how if a rebuild will solve this? No response from customer support since Oct.


Hi, I have working push notifications, but I have faced two issues.

  1. Notifications doesnt have sound
  2. Additional data. (For deeplink url I have entered the http://domain)
    but how to use the additional data?

For example i have single page app, that when state of element “page=messages” it shows group that have page of messages and the same main element that holds all the states, have state “data=489123809120312unique ID” to display the right content

How can I do this with these two states, because for now, it just goes to the main page that i have visible on load.

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 22.37.13

Is there any documentation on how to set up and connect one signal to BDK?

Does anyone know what where I get this info to configure my app to one signal? I’m trying to test push notification on BDK’s platform before wrapping it.

This step can’t be done before the build.

This information specifically requires a build on the app store and @gaurav usually does this for you as part of the build.

If you’d like to test push notifications before buying a build, use the “preview” flow as outlined in the docs: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

@gaurav is there any planned support for custom icons on android push notifications?

From what I’m reading here, it appears that it has to be part of the build:

This is frustrating as my iOS notifications are branded, recognizable, and look great - but my android users have a generic and awful looking bell.

Has anyone else faced the issue: clicking a notification on an IOS device opens the app but it quickly crashes?

This happens every time unless the app is already open when clicking the notification. I’ve tried changing my setup when populating the deeplink field (static vs dynamic text) but no luck. My app is a simple one page app.

Unfortunately, like others it seems, i’ve reached out to support multiple times but with no response.

Ok. Do you know how to test the notification on BDKs testing app before the build?

Once you’ve added the action, you just check this box:

Testing it on the bdk test app uses BDK’s onesignal account and there is no onesignal setup required.

For this reason, think of testing the push notification more of a test that you’ve architected the PlayerID’s and your workflows correctly rather than an indicator that you’ve set up OneSignal correctly.

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Thanks Tyler! The answer is always a simple checkbox that I overlooked lol

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Following up on my post above…

According to my understanding of OneSignal Documentation, a custom icon has to be part of the build - it can be something configured later.

Is there any plan to implement custom icons for android push notifications @gaurav ?
A good portion of my users are on Android and it looks really unprofessional to not have a custom icon.

I would second a request for this. We’ve also had a few comments about this.

Gaurav was last seen Feb 1, 2023. So… :man_shrugging:.

This is not to say that Gaurav’s solution doesn’t work… but Gaurav’s solution is on autopilot.

Best of luck, friend!

And he only popped in briefly for like 1 chat lol, Gaurav might me moving on to greener pastures, which is great for him, but not so good for us. There are tons of BDK issues I wish he’d fix but the product is solid enough to stay on autopilot for a while I guess.

I haven’t communicated with @gaurav in a bit, but historically the best way to get in touch with him is through the chat on his website.

Actually, I don’t visit much / provide support on the bubble forum. It’s not a practical medium for support by any serious long-term measure (tracking / follow-up / updating). I post on the forum almost entirely for announcements, since bubble doesn’t give plugin developers any way to communicate with purchasers.

Request to Bubble team: Please provide plugin devs a similar yellow gift box on the bubble editor for notifying our plugin customers, like you do.

This has been ready on my end. I’ve actually implemented this for few customers already when they placed a request on the chat for their project. The reason for not announcing is android’s silly approach to these icons unlike iOS, which unnecessarily requires people to generate them separately with transparent bg etc.

I’ve added the option on the project page now for all users. You’ll see it android additional settings section.

Exactly this. Every time I’ve posted in the last 2-3 years I’ve mentioned specifically to reach out via chat on for support. I don’t know how else to inform people :sweat_smile:

Please don’t misinform people with assumptions. I actually have 5x the chats I used to have on the forum, but on the official support channel i.e. the chat on my site.

I can assure you if greener pastures were what I was looking for, there are plenty of other options :slight_smile: and bdk wouldn’t exist. As a newly minted father, I’ve had to reprioritise my time last year and forum presence comes at the bottom of my list :laughing:

Since I’m already here and typing…
Over a million devices run apps built with BDK Native currently. Just knowing I helped a bunch of bubblers achieve that gives a different kind of satisfaction! And I am extremely grateful for customers who have helped bdk grow over the last couple of years.

Sharing links just again an fyi to future visitors of this thread:
BDK Native specific site:
Trying out the product: BDK Native app’s preview mode
Helpdesk / FAQs:
Bdk Native Plugin documentation: Plugin Docs
Official support (async chat):

Cheers & Happy Bubbling,