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BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

Hey @gaffneyantonio!

Yes that works but I have to input the whole page external link, and on every transition the design loading screen shows. Is there a way to have simple native page transitions?

In BDK, that’s considered ‘native’ transition. If you’re looking for the transition to be more swift, and without the transition loader, you can do your best with setting custom states on groups and using animations to imitate native transition.

Thank you for the shoutout @gaffneyantonio!!! :smiley::smiley:


Glad to hear you were able to get through to preview mode and start building the native features on your app. I recommend checking out the bdk native helpdesk as it will likely answer lot of questions you might come across.

More specifically to your questions:

  1. If you want the app to go to different bubble pages for phones & tablets, you can simply create a ‘interim’ blank page and use bubble’s go to page action based on the current screen width. And you can skip running the BN - remove loading step on page load and only run on those target pages. You can get your app built to open this interim page on launch :slight_smile:

P.s. I do recommend having one page instead of 2 pages for different device sizes since now a days the distinction between phones and tablets is much lesser… there are phones with screen sizes of 6" and tablets of 7" so not much difference really. In the long run it will save you bubble development time etc.

  1. You 100% don’t nedd to use the native header… It’s just an option in case you want to use. Almost every customer of mine has used their own bubble header since its easier to design /change / manage directly from their bubble app.

  2. The onesignal player ID generated by onesignal for a given device is always the same for a given app. In the preview mode, you’re really using the BDK Native app. When you get your app built, you’ll be having your own app.
    Hence @gaffneyantonio’s point is that don’t forget to clean up the player IDs you have stored in your database from your preview mode testing when you get your actual app built. The workflows etc. to store are all the same, so no changes to your bubble app will be needed except for unchecking the ‘Preview mode’ checkbox in the BN - Push notification action after you get your app built.

Let me know if you have any other questions. For faster response, ping me via the chat at the helpdesk link I shared above.


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Hi @jmbarquet,
Welcome aboard!

So you can think of Native Transition as similar to ‘Open in a new tab’ on chrome/safari. So the ‘BN - Navigate to link’ is opening a new tab. And the ‘BN - Go back’ workflow step (or swipe from left on iOS / device back button on android) closes this tab and goes back to show the previous one instantly.

If you want similar animation effects inside your page, that has to be done using bubble’s ‘Animate an element’ workflow step.


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Thank you a lot for your help @gaffneyantonio !
Sorry for the delay of my answer, I needed time to understand and test everything.

Was talking about static image of the page like current page image which is dynamic depending on the app page. No I have no problems concerning dev mode and live mode because the data is stocked on the live mode so it is ok for that. But it still does not work when I put a dynamic image on the BDK preview mode. I will see if it works, when I will have my own native app. Maybe @gaurav you have the answer for that.

Yes I have two versions of my app but on the same Bubble version. But yes I think I will maybe take care of having on the mobile web app visible in native transition.

Thank you for the answer concerning header and footer, it did work for the preview mode.

Thank you @gaurav for your very detailed answer.

  1. For the interim blank page, this sounds like a good tricky idea ! And I am wandering if the fact that I checked the box of mobile version of this page on Bubble is not enough. And even if I said ok every page on my native app would be from the mobile version would it work for tablets, if Bubble does not consider them as mobile.

Good to have your advice concerning the easier way to do it ! The only thing for the moment is that we started from the smaller screen so 320 px. The difference between 320px and 1020px for the biggest tablet is can of big.

  1. Perfect, thank you for your answer !

  2. That sounds perfect too. I understand it also. I just still have the problematic of the dynamic image. And Can I try Onesignal templates in the preview mode ?

Thank you a lot !

Thanks @gaurav!
I get it :slight_smile: so is there a way to not show the Design Loading Screen on each transition? I would like to show this screen (app logo) only when te app is opened.


I think that would be enough as the checkbox is nothing but just bubble doing the same trick instead of you have to do it :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m a bit confused here… did you mean the image of the loading / transition screens?

Unfortunately not in the preview mode as we can’t give you access to our onesignal account for creating templates (for obvious reasons). But rest assured it works as you’d expect and many customers are using it.

Hi @jmbarquet,
When you get your app built, you can specify each of the screens - splash, loading and transition separately when submitting the build information to us. Simply start a BDK Native project and you’ll see that on the project page you can configure and preview each of these screens for your app. :smiley:


Hey folks,

We added 3 more apps to the BDK Native Gallery for you to check out & get inspired by. The owners were kind enough to share these with the bubble community to help others looking to build a business on bubble + bdk native.

Roots Luxury:

  • Luxury real estate business app to take virtual tours and schedule appointments
  • Based in Turkey


  • Two sided marketplace for consumers & professionals (stylists, artists, personal trainers etc.)
  • Based in US


  • Meal management & tracking to lose weight, gain muscle or eat healthy
  • Based in UK

Cheers & Happy Bubbling,


For the second question, it is on the push Notification, I tried the static and dynamic image but it is still BDk image. It is maybe because it is not on my account.

But I will pay the BDK native app, before the end of the week so I will quickly have the answer.

Sorry @gaffneyantonio to disturb you again. But finally the disabled header does not work on native transition.

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I think you’re referring to the app icon on the notification? Yes that changes to your app icon when you send a notification from your own app.

I can take a look at this… My guess would be you’re updating the header back to label / text somewhere in the page hence that’s showing up… You can dm me the editor link on chat at and I can take a look

Hey. Who faced such a problem. When the “Agency” plan can not remove the check box . But in the BDK Native application for preview on the phone, the login and password input window does not appear. And accordingly, the page does not load. Can this problem be solved?

Lovely. You saved me the pain of learning swift

Hi Folks,

Wrapping up this thread here. Just posted about the new version of BDK Native in this thread:



  1. Do I need a One Signal or Firebase account to try the push notifications in preview mode?
  2. When I am starting my project in BDK, is the iOS Account Team Name neccesary (I just created my Apple developer account)?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hi @hacker

Nope :slight_smile: You only need that once you want to order your own app. Until then just have the 'Preview mode’ checkbox checked in BN - Push notification step.

Nope only when you order your build you need Apple developer account as one of the prerequisites. We support organization as well as individual accounts. For previewing any developer account (apple, google, onesignal, firebase) is not needed.


Thanks, @gaurav.