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BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

Hey, @wwweb2401,

How can I send notificactions in my dev version (I am using the preview feature in the BDK app)?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hi @gaurav
I’m a no-tech consultantt, new to Bubble and low-code. I saw the Equinascheduling, was impressed and now interested to see if it can be somehow launched here in Sweden? Should I talk to you or somebody else?

Regards Robert

I couldn’t find the answer in the documentation. I want to buy the iOS + Android build

how can will the app know which payments were triggered by an android user and which ones by an ios user?

is there a condition I can use?

@natserrano That’s the in-app purchase workflow for iOS, there’s another for Android.

Right but there is only one UI button for the user to purchase, regardless of what Platform he’s using. How can we tell the WF that this user is triggering the button from an iphone or android phone?

Well you can access what device the user is on through the BN — AppInfo > is native ios app OR BN — AppInfo > is native android app.

I’m sure you can find a solution taking advantage of that, ya?

I don’t see it int he actions though. is it another plugin?


update: nevermind, I realized it’s a visual element


Yup! Sorry I didn’t understand right away. Glad you found it, it’s very helpful.

nobody has asked about this in the thread. In app purchase (IOS) flow. I read the documentation but still not clear to me. I did:

  1. click a UI button, trigger WF step BN - purchase in app (ios)
  2. an event is triggered when in-app purchase failed or is succesful
  3. then trigger verify receipt (ios)

my question is, for #2, do I need to put it as BE WF or just right after step #1? or create custom events for a) In-app purchase successful b) failed, 3)received


hey Gianluca, I am not testing android yet, I requested an apk recently…once I test I will let you know for sure

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I would like to make my public compliments to @gaurav and thank him for his great support. I was stuck with a problem on Android (not rotating, appinfo not working) and he found out that I was testing a different Build! The previous wrapping service I used before BDK had strangely assigned a Build code equal to 4096 and therefore when I was uploading BDK’s Build, it was getting ignored.
I strongly recommend BDK!

Is there an option to request video and microphone access from the user?


How can I make a transition to new page and send some data to it? For example I need to preview details about some product on product page.

Why “Lock orientation” does not work with this setup?


Is there an option to request video and microphone access from the user???