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BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

Hi Bubble Community & @gaurav ,

In the BDK plugin documentation #9 Play Remote Video File (link below), what element can we use to display the video?

Bubble’s native video player’s “Video source” only allows Youtube or Vimeo. What element can we use to access files from the database and play them using this workflow?

Thank you so much for the help!

Hello guys,
I got 2 questions here:

  1. I am trying to use stripe to charge the customers within the app but it doesn’t seem to be working. no action is occurring.
  2. I am trying to use twilio video chat but it doesn’t to be working either.

I would appreciate all the help I can get since these 2 are the most important features with my app.

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@gaurav With the $ 16 BDK plugin, is it necessary to do the $ 349 conversion?

the $16 BDK plugin gives you early access to use their features only to use and test in your app. But to create builds/deploy, you need their $349 service (or lesser if you go for ios or Android alone).