Bdk native Notification on android

Hello guys hope you are all doing well,
we are using bdk native for native android/ios behaviours. What i noticed is when i install the app on ios it asks for permission for the push notification natively but on android it doesnt ask for permission and by default makes the app refuse notifications on the android app settings.

Ps : we didnt rebuild the app since feb 2023, maybe its a android 13 problem ? if so is there any workflow to ask for permission ?


Hey, we’ve noticed similar behaviors, and wondered if it might be the update. For us it appears that Android camera and microphone are blocked, no matter what the native permissions say. Have you been able to get in touch with theBDK recently? We aren’t getting replies, usually he’s pretty on to it.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I got in touch with the BDK team , my solution for the notification permission popup was fixed after a rebuild, i cant confirm if your issues would be fixed tho. good luck :smiley:

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