BDK - need help on push notifications

Hi all,

I’m trying to test push notifications with BDK Native, but nothing happens when I try it on the preview mode on my phone.
So one of my settings or workflows must be wrong. If someone has any idea of what’s wrong :

Thanks in advance !

What wrapper did you use to wrap into app ?

It is not wrapped yet. I’m just trying to configure Onesignal push notifications in the preview mode

if you preview it from chrome, it wont work because it is native plugin for APK
instead of it you can use onesignal free plugin created by bubble for web apps

no i’m using the bdk preview mode on my phone:

You have to make sure that app enable push notification access from your phone.

So I figured a little more of the problem : it is that the player ID isn’t stored anywhere.

This is the workflow used to store it, maybe something is missing ?