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BDK vs zeroqode Air Native vs others

Hey guys, I have a social networking site, MVP is ready. But before I start off with marketing I was thinking of getting a mobile app ready.
My concern is about which service should I use… I mean is there a difference between the final product, because the underlying code comes from my website but does the native conversion create an impact?
Not talking from a price perspective, as I believe that when I am preparing my startup, some costs are worth it.

So my concern is

  • Speed of the app

  • Support post app development

  • Community support

  • availability of native functionality

Any response would be highly appreciated, and if you have used any of these services, do share your experience.

Also interested in this, been looking into it but yet to make a choice. The Zeroqode option is fairly new, but they seem to be adding extra features regularly.

I’ve only used ZQ’s air native so can’t compare between services - but I will say that ZQ process was very easy, super quick and their documentation is great. They are committed to customer support and continually improving their products.

The only difference I notice between the web app and the native app are page navigations are slower in native (but this is known and expected). You can manage this by ‘loading’ UI and of course reducing the number of pages your users will navigate between.


Anyone has used ?

Looks quite good and their app in playstore let’s you preview your app as a native!

I haven’t made the conversion of my app yet but looking for someone who has!

I’m also looking to know which is the best tool for making a native app from bubble!

After doing my research, I realised that the final product of any of the wrappers is not very different.
I purchased zeroqode as the price was within my budget, especially during their black Friday sale. Also, I have used their plugins and they have a robust development team. They are consistently bringing in more features and their documentation is very sound.

p.s. I did convert my app into 1 page which consisted of most of the interactions that a user will make, with a few exceptions, to make the app feel more native.


Hey, since you have used ZQ’s native plugin, can you help me with OneSignal setup… it is weird but even after doing everything in their manuals (Bubble | OneSignal | ZeroQode), its just not working for some reason…


I’m not very familiar with OneSignal sorry :slight_smile:

oh… ok thanks anyway…