Be Aware: Looking at Your Data Tab Uses Your Plan's CPU

This is something I wasn’t aware of until this evening, but apparently when you use the Data tab in the Bubble Editor, it can be quite costly in terms of CPU. While troubleshooting a small issue with one of our features, I needed to see a list of things created by a specific user.

I looked at App Data, added a filter for this specific thing that was “Created by = [user]”, and doing just that simple filter spiked our CPU to 40%. You’ll see this labelled as “Data panel search” in your Capacity Logs.

Good to note if you (like me) didn’t know that simply looking at things in the Data tab can cause massive CPU spikes.


Thanks for sharing, I always wondered if this was the case but never bothered to check

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Hi @samnichols :wave:
I never checked this thing.
It gives me strange results :thinking:

Time to fix capacity issues :wrench:
Thanks :+1:

It’s not the greatest tool, but sometimes it helps to see if there’s a particular workflow or action that shouldn’t be using much CPU but is. It helped me catch a couple small actions that seemed simple but for some reason were spiking CPU.

Our app recently released the ability to create CSV reports from the DB using backend workflows, which are NOT efficient, so I try to keep an eye on CPU usage generally and tweak things where I can. I don’t want to upgrade before I absolutely have to, lol.

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Yeah I’m finding creating CSV files in the backend using way more capacity than I thought - did you find a more efficient way to do this?


I will keep that in mind :sunglasses:

Thanks :+1:

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Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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