Before purchase question : Payment plugin

Dear bubblers,

We are a startup developping our business operations in Paris, France.
Aiming to originate our MVP and meet our next goals, we are now seriously considering adopting Bubble products.
However, we have one last pending point regarding payment API : does Bubble supports Vivawallet ?
Having tried few courses and tested some plugins already, we can find it.

Many thanks for your reply !

Bubble supports APIs. You may have to create your own API calls and/or your own plugin, or pay to have one made, but is it possible? Yes.

Many thanks for your reply Drake,

Unfortunately , having consulted the forum, it seems that information related to this specific payment API is quite poor.
As an unexperienced developer, the only reasonable option might be to implement my own API calls (plugin may be challenging…).
I started to follow tutorials and advices to initialize my first API calls, that remain unsuccessful.
Do you where I can find any help for implementation ?
Many thanks !

Bonjour @hekafab
Each API are different. For example, this one have different authentication process. Do you plan to use the Basic one or the oAuth2 one? This is the first thing to check and choose according to what you want todo. If you plan to only use your own account, you can choose the Basic one. But if you want to let your user authenticate with their own Account, you will need to use oAuth2 process.
If you struggle with API call, consider asking a Bubble Coach to help you

Merci Jici !

Indeed I spent quite sometime to figure out which one to use. As I aim to sell retail products from the app, the payment part is crucial. This is why I’m starting by that before any further app development.
From my research I understand that oAuth2 is definitely a lot safer but also way more complex to implement.
My first attempts were made on a POST http and following tutorials (How to Connect APIs to Bubble io Tutorial Part 2 - YouTube). I started using Basic as a try but could not initialize a successful call (neither using JSON or Curl).
Do you have an idea of the approximate time it could take to implement with oAuth2 ?

Many thanks !

This can be done in 1 hour or less in most case for the authorization part.
After, this depend of the number of call and the type of call.

Don’t hesitate to share your current setting and error you get when you initialize with basic auth (just be sure to hide the key or sensitive info :wink:

Parfait, very clear.
The authorization part is indeed only the top of the iceberg . I have 4 calls behind

  1. Create payment order (POST) - the one I already tried
  2. Retrieve order (GET)
  3. Cancel payment order (DEL)
  4. Update an order (PATCH)

Currently I tried to process the below

And my JSON is reduced so that the minimum is sent to test :

the response is supposed to be the below

But I currently get :
There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 405

405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.

Server Error

405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.

The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access.


Seems like a long way to go aha

The issue, for now, it’s not related to auth. It’s related to your endpoint. You are doing a call to the root of the API, and not to a specific endpoint.

Try to do this simple one
Change POST to GET
change url to
This call should be a Data call. Remove any parameters, json body or header in this call.

This call will return a list of wallet for your account

Merci Jici,

Hum, but it seems that these setting bring me back to 401 error.

This error is related to auth. Checked a little bit more the auth info in the doc and you need to encode the username and api key into base64 and use Header (Use key in Header instead of basic auth will let you encode both. What I think is that you need to encode both path with colon like username:apikey
The header will be Authorization: Basic ZmJmMWUwOTAtNjVkZS00Yzc1LWI1ODAtZDlkOWJjNDk0YWQyOldEdi1WKw==

damn, I tried multiple combinations but still getting this disappointing result :

I tried both keys used above (Username or Password) which are already 64 encoded

Can you share your most recent setting ?


So basically I combined with both keys provided by Vivawallet as below :

Then I have them encoded as per above comments and insert them as below :

I tried changing the Key name with different word (included 'Authorization", “basic”)

but still getting the 401

Try with Key: Authorization / Value: Basic YourKey

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Thank you jmalmeida, but no results as well. I’m working on the Oauth2 expecting more results…

Viva Wallet Basic Auth:

  • Username – same as Viva Wallet Merchant ID
  • Password – same as Viva Wallet API Key

Checked, it works.

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Wow, true…
it’s working ! at least for this very first part…

I still don’t understand why their documentation indicates that Username and Password should be encoded as it’s working without…
Thanks a lot jmalmeida !

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Both should work, but in some case, it will not depending on what the server expect. Because you have already tried it, I was thinking it didn’t work.

No problem Jici.
Anyway I found extremely complex just to get a single call working using very simple approach so I’m quite sceptical on the ability to implement the full version.