Beginner looking for a direction


I am trying to accomplish a bubble app but dont know where to begin with my research. I dont need anyone to do the work for me, but rather just need a direction to start my research.

What Im trying to accomplish is this…

Goal - create a new ui for my companies website/app. The one they have kinda sucks. I want to create a new UI that pulls and pushes information via APIs.

What ive found - when i use the current web UI, i am able to login and find the APIs that the site uses.

What i need to do - create a login page that uses microsoft ID to get the access token, then create api calls to get the data i need. As well as, use the post command to make changes.

I figured I would create the UI in bubble. In that UI, I would have users login using their AD information. Then the next page would have commands to search or post via API commands.

Is my logic sound? Or am i using bubble in the incorrect way?

The very first thing you should do is complete all of the interactive lessons on this page, even the ones that you don’t believe apply to your situation. That’s because the skills are still valuable (you might be connecting the iTunes API but it’s still teaching you how to connect an API to Bubble).

I’ve never allowed users to login to my Bubble apps via Microsoft but I think this plugin will help: Microsoft Graph v1.0 Plugin | Bubble

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The goal of allowing users to login via Microsoft is that all of the actions they perform would be tied to their user. Ill check out the lessons and the link.

Thank you.

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