[Beginner's Guide] - List Functions / List Operators

Hey Everyone…

I’ve just spent a few hours really getting to know all the list functions / list operators, and I thought I’d share the results through this screen grab. I created a my own type called Test, which has the field “Text” in it… and that field contained the values you see such as “Ape”, “Bat”, “Cat”.

I ended up defining states to reference each of the lists and items, so like:
state Start List = do a search for Test...
Which made it much easier to refer to each list as I created the display.

I’ve also included converting a comma separated text field into a list of text (thanks @NigelG for that!) which is really handy… along with the “join with” operator for turning a list of text items back into a single text item.

Happy List Operating, :slight_smile:

Just for those of you who are searching, this covers list contains, list :first item, list :last item, list :item #, list :items until #, list :items from #, list contains list, list join with, list :filtered, list merged with, list intersect with, list :unique items, list :plus item, list :minus item.


The regex for converting the comma separated text to a list should be:


The version shown has a forward rather than backward slash before the first “s”.