Benefit of using shape element to display image vs use the image elemnt

my app is image/video base, where users will be able to upload images, but am finding it difficult to make all images the same size, until i found out that i could display images with the shape element, i want to know what are the benefits of use either of them and their drawback. To me using the shape you can make all you image the same size but with the image element you cant, please apart from this what are the technical drawback thanks…

I’d search the forums. @romanmg wrote up a great summary on this a year or so ago.

Two additional points:

  1. You can use groups as well to display images. They provide a slightly different set of trade-offs.
  2. You may want to use an image cropping tool or similar so that the images are a fixed size. We do this with user submitted images so that they don’t look “off” on certain pages of our site.