Best backend to use for storing and server many images


I am setting up an application that may realistically be storing and serving tens of thousands of high res images to users.

Any recommendations of setting up the backend? I worry about Bubble’s performance doing this with a simple images table and repeating groups.

Is this a good use for Xano to serve these with better performance? Any other tools out there that I should look at?


Xano may not be the best option for this due to the media storage limits, but would definitely be faster if you will be editing many of these records (1k+) in single workflows. Otherwise, I think the best option would be just to store the media on S3 (leaving the DB on Bubble or using Xano + S3)

To clarify, just storing through bubbles DB on their S3 bucket would make the most sense (even if it’s many thousands of images)? My concern was just performance.

And Xano sounds like it would only make sense for bulk operations, not storage. That’s helpful.



It really depends on what kinds of operations you’re doing with the DB. Searches (e.g for purposes of display in a repeating group) tend to be pretty fast. As are counts and other aggregations. But updating, creating, or deleting many thousands of records tends to be comparably much slower and you would very likely see significantly better performance with Xano. At this stage in your project it might be best to batch create a whole mess of records for testing purposes so you can at least make the Xano/Bubble decision early.

As an aside, @jj11 did a chat this past weekend with the folks at Xano specifically about making this decision. You should check it out:

Edit: Although I meant storing on your own S3 bucket, and just using the Bubble DB. This way you won’t be restricted by Bubble’s storage limitations.

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