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Best bubble courses? 🤔

Hey Bubble fam what are the Bubble courses you’ve taken and recommend others to take? :nerd_face:

I want to add “Find Courses” to

Hello @gio.kakhiani :wave:
If you are. just starting out I’d recommend

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Agree, definitely the Buildcamp beginners bootcamp by Gregory John, also available through Udemy. With Udemy, wait for the right time to buy a course, they often have discounts and offer courses for 10 to 15 dollar / euro.

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Here are some Free ones on YouTube that we made:

Hey, @gio.kakhiani
For beginners there are various videos on Youtube, and also I recommend to check the Zeroqode Lab - a platform with video courses.

There are both FREE and paid courses. Free courses that are helpful for beginners are:

Hope it helps!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for this post :+1:
I recently started learning bubble
All these links were very really helpful to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would definitely second the Airdev Bootcamp - it sure makes you sweat a bit.

Going through the professional track - there is responsibility with the milestone projects.