Best chat performance build?

Hey guys! I’m working on a chat right now and I’ve just came across a simple doubt: Is it better to build a chat in an exclusive page, or is it better to simply use custom states as it’s faster to load? My app is very complex and I am worried about performance issues and how scalable it might become in the future.

Build it in a reusable element and then place it into a container on the page you are using as a single page app.


And then I use custom state to hide and show the container? I’m actually using two diferent pages that leads to the chat between users because the app is big and I think if I build everything in one page things may get really messy and take a lot of time to load, there’s around +50 workflows each one by now and increasing.

Don’t worry about that if you build each feature as it’s own reusable and then put that on page.

In terms of hide/show can do with custom states and conditionals, URL and conditionals or use workflows to hide/show elements. I personally prefer URL parameters and conditionals.

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Thank you :slight_smile: