Best cloud accounting software for bubble integration

Hi all

Doing lots of research at the moment on the best “cloud accounting/booking keeping software” from a bubble integration perspective.

To give some perspective on integration requirements - we are building our CRM/ERP in bubble.

I was wondering if others have a strong opinion on this? I have searched the forum, and can’t see an obvious winner (especially since xero has now Oauth2).

I am considering ease of integration both the following perspectives:

The options I’m considering are:

Many thanks in advance!

You can try APXPRESS. It is a cloud-based accounting software. It will be helpful. Give it a try.

Hi Darius

I am also interested in the best accounting software integrations for Bubble.
Zeroqode has a plug-in for Quickbooks, but I see that it has only been installed 50 times and has no reviews. Given the lack of responses here, can I assume that most Bubblers build their own invoicing platforms within Bubble, which seems a good option. There are many plug-ins for printing pdf’s for invoices etc. Do you have any feedback or suggestions?

Hi @darius,
How did you go about finding your Best cloud accounting software for bubble integration? Have you found a winner? I’m now looking at integrating Xero into my Bubble app, but there seem to be limited options as far as plugins go. How did you go exploring a possible Bubble - Integromat - Xero option?

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Well, QuickBooks is the best cloud accounting software for small and mid-sized business.