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Best Native App Builder

Will try it when I got some time over from my current freelance work.

I think my problem was my app is too large. Couldn’t get it to upload to the server properly. Maybe with a smaller app it would work.

What type of server do you use? I think you can use AWS S3 or even Github and as I understand it the jsonett will fetch the content from when it’s accessed by the Android/IOS app. I could be wrong there.

I was trying the free one that Jasonelle provides when following the steps to set it up. Couldn’t get it to work, I got the example to work just fine but not when I did my own large app.

Wondering if it is safe to use the free server or not, any thoughts?

I had the same issue. If you end up figuring out how to turn your bubble app into mobile by simply copy-pasting the url into his X-code project, let me know!

You can reach support

Very curious about THIS too! Going to try Thunkable and see how that works. Thanks!

Not native , but an excellent and pain free app deployment service -

This is @copilot s company.


Do you have any demo to show?

Hi there, if you’re looking for a no-code alternative, I suggest
You can choose between two different ready native layouts and link them to your web app in 2 steps (you can configure every single screen) and customize the look and feel.

To have a preview you can download the demo:

Robust and 100% native structure with guaranteed acceptance (Google play ready build), swipe right to open slider menu, tap header to refresh.
There is a dedicated topic on bubble for further details.

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Now you can just use this app to convert your Bubble web app into an Jasonette compatible Android project for free in 1-click. It is open-source.

BDK Native is by fast the best. It’s also pretty cheap.

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Hi I am checking out both Thunkable and Adalo as native app development platform in combination with bubble. What do you prefer in terms of creating a visual good looking and usable native app connected to a bubble app. From my point of view Thunkable has more features but I did not yet have seen an example of an app that is of my taste in terms of UI. It just doesn’t feel modern to me. Adalo does, but has less features. What do you think?

AppGyver is completely free, unless you have more than 10 million USD in revenue, it’s free to use and publish. They are able to stay alive because of their high-paying customers, like DHL.

I 1000% recommend @natedogg’s Codeless academy combined with obviously your Bubble app, check out No question it’s the best wrapper out there and his support is fantastic!


Not tried Codeless academy but in our experience if you want a seemless approach to Native / Hybrid mobile apps on a commercial level, @gaurav BDK offering is amazing.

You can test the native functions before Apple store deployment and he’s constantly updating the related code.

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We use & recommend BDK to all our Startups/Customers


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Yeah, this is a very old post that someone decided to repost on. I will close it out. :blush:

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Before you close it :sweat_smile:

10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_orange_diamond:

Hi. Have you had good experience with support?