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Best Native Wrapper?

I know this topic has been visited, but can’t seem to find any posts more than a few years old.

Bubble recommends a bunch of native wrappers here: How to Adapt Your Bubble App to Mobile

They seem to offer all the key native integrations (notifications, contacts, face id etc ), but vary wildly in price. Some have guarantees about getting into app stores.

Im wondering if anyone has any specific insight or advice? It’s hard to tell why one is better than the other, and wondering if someone might have some thoughts on usability/customer services? Anything that would help me understand what way I should be going…

Hopefully this thread can become a more recent update/resource that others can use :slight_smile:

If there’s a recent thread I’ve missed, please point me to it.

Thanks !

I used BDK and have been very happy with process and results. They have a simple form, provide all the instructions, and help with questions along the way.

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Hello Alex

The cheapest is the free Jasonelle. It takes some time to configure it. I haven’t compiled it in years. Does not depend on anyone. You can add any function afterwards. BDK uses this engine.

2023 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

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I’m guessing the benefit of BDK here is then they do the work for me? (for a fee…)


I’ve been interested in natively. I’ll be checking them out when I’m at that stage.

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Same, I suggested to them if they could add background geotracking (For like taxi, food delivery apps, etc) even with the phone screen off, and they added it in right away. Couldn’t find a single other wrapper that could do that.

Very glad to hear it!

Have you used them yet, or just looking into it?

Same stage as you probably where I’m not at that point yet. I just played around with the free tier and app to test it… seems pretty good so far. Background tracking not sure if that works on their free test app because Apple/Google are super strict about the reason your app needs it enabled.

They added back the lifetime tier of one time $500 charge so it’s more tempting than the monthly one once it proves itself.

1 Like Also it’s #1 on Bubble’s ideaboard to have a first party app wrapper made by them, personally I have no idea how they haven’t made one already… maybe that will come this year, who knows.

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