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Best Practice for an "Add More" style form

Hi there,

My goal is to try to create something similar to this form in Bubble (see the section called: Handling Units Description) where a user can dynamically “add” another group of form inputs to the form.

I couldn’t figure out how to achieve this in bubble but was able to get comparable functionality by saving the data (upon button click) and then displaying it below the inputs in a repeating group as a line item. This serves me fine but I am wondering how to prevent other users from seeing this saved information. I feel like I perhaps need to save the data upon buttom press to a custom state for that page only but am not sure how to proceed with this.

This app needs to function for both anonymous users and logged in users so I don’t want the saved handling unit information visible to any other user, only the current user session.

Thank you!

I wouldn’t use custom state for this, the list handling isn’t as complex as the list handling in the database (i.e. you can’t add and remove, you can only set).

In the UI this would be a repeating group, set to “full list”, which has the “form.” On page load you can then create the first “blank” entry, then add new ones with a button (probably best if the button is outside the group, or it will repeat). That works I think.

In terms of storage, you can put it on the user, and clear it down (and add the first blank one) each time the page loads.

Bubble creates anonymous users each time that aren’t shared. So multiple anonymous users get different “users” they don’t share the same one.

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Anonymous Users is a great concept. But I wonder if the next time Anon1 comes back to the site she is remembered (via cookies ?.. i know nothing…) or if she is regarded as Anon2?

Good question, not tested it. Cookies or browser fingerprint ?

If the cookies aren’t cleared, it’s going to be the same user, but we can’t guarantee that users won’t clear their cookies, so you should be careful there.

Hello @matty77. Did you ever figure it out? If you did can you please explain how you did it. :thinking:

Hi Eduardo,

I did not figure it out and used a different web form tool for this. Sorry.

@matty77 thank you for responding.

Did you integrate your outsourced web form to your Bubble application? If so, does it run smoothly?

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