Best practice for growing databases / archiving data

Hi all,

Just wanted to get some ideas from experienced Bubblers / developers on best practice for dealing with growing databases and archiving old data on Bubble.

Our platform has been running for over a year and several tables are now getting large (100k+ records). This include old user accounts, notifications, messages etc that belong to users who are no longer active on the site but may come back in the future. It feels like these large tables are slowing down the app and generally making the data tabs on the editor very sluggish.

What are the Bubble best practices for archiving data old data that may need to be reused in future?

Some ideas I had were:

  • Adding an ‘Archive’ yes/no field to tables quickly filter out old data and running a recurring workflow to continuously archive data if older than x days.
  • Creating a new table archive_thing which mirrors another table but only contains archived data. Moving old data to this table and copying back to the new one. However some of the records are linked to other tables and it’s not possible to preserve the ‘unique id’ of the old thing when it’s copied over, which makes restoring the archived data very messy.

Are these the best approaches? Any help much appreciated


Hi Messly, I have the same situation.
Have you implemented any solution?

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