Best practice for recurring events/requiring user to update inputs over time

I’m building an app that contains forms (multiple pages with inputs on them) to be completed by users. However I need to create some workflows that require users to go back and update certain pages over time. Different pages/inputs should have a knock-on affect for some other pages/inputs. Then I’ll link reminders/notifications to those recurring tasks.

Before I go and build something from scratch I thought I should check is there any best practice for this already? As in workflow tasks made for this or plugins made for this, or anyone experienced with Bubble already know how this type of capability should be built?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: I’ve just learnt how to Schedule an API workflow, whereby I can delay the event for the time I specify, send an email and make a change to a checkbox field which I’ve linked to the relevant page. The checkbox is the Ionic checkbox which automatically ‘check’s yes’ whenever the user changes the value of the input.

So Ill just built this checkbox system throughout the app pages and add an API workflow for each page… viola!