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Best Practice for Storing PO number with Stripe Charge

Hi everyone,

I’m using Stripe Connect. Everything is working: 1) Users can register as sellers, and 2) customers can check out and charge the order to their credit card.

However, when creating the charge, I want to know what the best practice is for storing the PO (Purchase Order) number.

The reason for this is that I want to be able to check the successful charges and match them to existing POs in my app so that I can mark those POs as paid.

What is the best way to do this?

It appears that there are several objects in Stripe to call.

v1/charges - tells me whether the charge went through - but I don’t know to which PO
v1/checkout/sessions - tells me the session the user attempted the checkout
v1/checkout/sessions/[id]/line_items shows the line items of the session (this is where I can pick up the description of the charge) but I still can’t tie it back to a charge itself
/v1/payment_intents - appears to be before the session but still doesn’t have any of the descriptors that the bubble plugin uses in ‘Charge a customer’

Thanks in advance!


Usually the call returns a result that is useful. What I mean is that if you perform a charge you should get a return for charge ID which tells you it went through

You can also explore Stripe webhooks

Thanks @cmarchan I’m using the standard Strip plugin for ‘Charge the Current User’ in a workflow. You are correct, there does seem to be some data to look at after it has posted. I’ll investigate. Thank you

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