Best Practice: On page vs. database storage of static images, menu content, general content

I have noticed there are three general ways in which Bubble apps are architected in regards to static images, menu titles, background colors, etc.

  • You store all content on the page.
  • Some content on the page with some in the database.
  • All content in the database.

Every time I open someone else’s template, I learn something new, it’s great. I recently opened AirDev’s Free Canvas Starter Template, and I was blown away. I was shocked by how every piece of content and other modifiers are on the database. Everything from background color codes to text content, to OG Twitter tags, etc. are stored in large single item tables.

I know there are benefits to store somethings on the db, such as content that shows up in multiple places. If you stored everything in the db, most adjustments could be made without publishing your app again. So here are my questions to the Bubble dev community:

  • What is your standard practice when choosing how much to store on page vs in the db and why?
  • What are the performance implications (if any) to storing everything database-side, including text content and color codes? Surely it can’t be as fast to search (Search…:first item) for each piece of content on a page vs. static, right?
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I like your question.
Looking forward to what the Bubble Gurus will have to say.

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