Best practice Versioning

what is the best practice for :

  1. Save Point
  2. Deploy to live

Take a deep breath and hope for the best :wink:

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Make a plan. Have a list of features you know you’ve amended and make sure you have tested each one thoroughly.

Go through your data and check if there are any post-deployment steps like extra data in tables or lookups (in mine I need to check if I’ve set up new items in my menu table and my status codes table)

Do a good thorough check what you want to be able to see or do on the site when you are logged in, or not logged in, and you haven’t missed anything on privacy rules.

Press the button, and do a check out to make sure everything is working

Don’t begin to build anything huge for a few days because the chances are you’ll spot something you need to fix, and you will want to push that out to live again quickly.

I’ve been working on a fairly complex single page app. When I want to add a new feature I clone the copy of the successful page I’ve been using and then add the new features to the clone. If the clone works I replace the old page with the new clone at the old URL.

This allows me to push changes and test them out. It also allows me to push those changes without worrying about the main app being broken.