Best Practices? - 5 Star Rating Amalgamation

Looking for some suggestions on the best way to store and source a calculation across Bubble.

Building an app that allows users to 5-star rank multiple target properties, with a 1-star meaning “not required”, a 5-star meaning “must have” and 2 to 4 stars being the level priority. I’ll use this to filter and rank the targets and how well each target matches the user’s requirements. Building this specifically for the childcare market.

1 star - not required
2 star - not a priority but would be nice
3 star - important
4 star - very important
5 star - a must have feature

I’ll be running this on up to 2,000 daycares and the goal is to return the top ten results and will generate a per user lead score for those targets.

My questions:

  1. Where do I stuff the dynamic results of this amalgamation? Expecting to return two values. The first is whether the target daycare has all of the “must have” features (which could return a “yes” or “no”). The second value is more like a bottle of wine score - 98 points or 45 points, etc - which I will use for generating the rankings. Assuming this is a dynamic result - should it be stuffed into a custom state?

  2. The comparison/amalgamation expression has a lot of components and I’ll likely be making some tweaks as I go - hoping to avoid copying and pasting this multiple times (plus, having multiple instances of this is probably an inefficient database practice). Hoping to write the expression once only. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  3. Any samples out there that do something similar? I’ve learned a lot from looking at some of the sample projects out there!

Thanks - and let me know if I need to clarify anything.


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