Best practices for large dataset export

I am asking for best practices based on your experiences for things like:

  1. Frontend vs backend workflows?
  2. Datatype-based intermediate? If so, two data types, Export and ExportRow?
  3. NOTE: I tried the RG-to-CSV approach with a couple of plugins…but that didn’t work due to the known issue around Repeating Groups and “page loaded entirely” falsehood. See: Page and all elements completely loaded - #24 by sam20)

An example export:

  • 200 rows based on two datatypes, based on:
  • 200 rows of “Applications” that each have ~50* child rows of “Responses”
  • The export will have ~55 columns: 5 that are fields & calculations from “Applications” and 50 columns built from the child rows

*NOTE: The number of child rows is dynamic.

Summary: 200 rows * 55 columns

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