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Best Practices for Multi-Tenant & cnames

I am surprised I couldn’t readily find much about Multi-tenant design. Near as I can tell, a huge number of SAAS products are setup this way…to enable a platform for your customers to service their customers.

tutorials and guides are all built on the assumption that you are servicing your customers directly, rather than enabling those customers to service theirs. Everything is geared toward “here’s how you setup stripe”, and there is no “here’s how to setup taking stripe API credentials to enable customers to take payment from their customers.” content, or anything close.

And I don’t want to spend tons of time trying to learn and have it turn out it can’t really handle this without resorting to kluging things together. Nothing is worse than spending tons of time learning that your tools are useless for what you wanted to do in the first place.

Is this actually possible in a straight forward way? Or are there so many caveats that I might as well roll my own anyway?

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