Best practices for traffic increases?

Hi all, I’m really appreciative for all the support I have gotten in the forums so far. I am truly proud of the app I have built–even it’s just a naked baby still–and it’s been getting great feedback with a limited release.

I built Skate Bud because my wife and I own a skateboard business, and most of our paying work has been with municipalities. We saw an opportunity to take on more contracts with some simple tools.

There have been a lot of delays due to the mayoral election in LA this year, but things are about to swing into high gear for Summer programming, and our bets paid off.

I’m not panicking, but I am a little nervous. I’m confident in my capacity to work through whatever will happen, but I don’t know anything about ramping up traffic, and whether or not that’s something I will have to account for with Bubble.

I’m anticipating onboarding anywhere from 150-500 new users over the course of a month to provide skateboard programming for the city. They’ll be split into 3 classes: participants, instructors, and admin. The majority are participants, a fraction are instructors, and 3-5 admin.

Participants will be generating entries in the database through charting their course progress, and also competing against each other on-demand. These entries are purely text based.

Instructors, and admin won’t be generating much data–if any at all.

All users will also be able to upload photos and videos to a centralized gallery, but each user will have a cap on how many images they can upload.

There is also a marginal chance that things could go a bit faster than we anticipate, and the increased sign-ups could move beyond the participants in our program, and traffic could spike considerably. Not something I’m banking on, but I would also hate to be unprepared if there is something I should do in the event of massive sign up and traffic increase.

I’m planning to read up on Bubble’s pricing structures for increased traffic, and I’ll be going over my app and database each week looking for potential improvements. But any recommendations beyond that are really appreciated!

Hello @zach8 |

Best of luck with your awesome project. Below a few resources that may help:

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