Best Practices on Starting a New App

Hello amazing Bubblers,

I’m starting a new app for a new business idea and wanted to get some insight.

First off, the new app made me use the new responsive engine. While I can see it will be useful I feel like I’m learning to ride a bike again. It’s been a challenge.

OK, I’m looking to have an app where people can manage contacts and communications between people. Basically a CRM, but very specific to my industry. I was wondering if it would make sense so when someone is logged in all the web links would have their user name like…
I figured this way if they have slugs that end up being the same it would still link to a different site. I’m not sure how this would work, or if it’s even possible or a good idea. Most CRMs I have used does something like this.

I would also eventually like to turn this into an app, and I’ve read about how you can do this with Bubble Apps through a wrapper. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on things to keep in mind when building my app to make the transition smoother.

Any other advice for me before setting off on this new adventure? Much appreciated.

Thank you.

It would have to be (slug is the last path)

You would only bother with slugs if the link needs to be shareable for other people to access (like a public profile) otherwise on the page you would just show the current user’s information dynamically :slight_smile:

The new responsive engine is :fire: - it took me a little minute to get my head around it from the old one but now I HATE using the old one :sweat_smile:

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Thank you.

Yeah, the new engine is messing with my brain. I’m starting to let go the desire to grab and move things and instead type in coordinates, sizes, etc.

If you think of a page like a grid and for your sections of elements just decide whether you want them to stack in a column or line up side by side in a row that’s the main building blocks.

Then decide if you want the element to be fixed height and/or width OR change with the page OR change depending on size of the content (and maybe you only want them to respond to a certain extent and that’s where min or max come in)

That’s the main things, then just expand on your knowledge from there by playing with stuff :slight_smile:

I love that if I add or delete an element the whole page shifts to accommodate - in the old engine you had to drag every single element around…UGH! And I love how I can use the element tree to move things too…it’s really worth the pain of the initial learning curve :slight_smile: