Best practices to create a reminder system that scales?

Hey all!

I build a daily reminder system where users can choose their prefered time to get a daily push. At the moment it works like this:

  1. The user activates the daily pushes
  2. The system schedule an api for tomorrow at the chosen time
  3. When the push occurs it schedueles the next push for the next day
    *and if the user did not log in for more than 7 days the pushes stops

Now I wonder if this way is ideal? If 50K users will activate these pushed that will create 50K daily scheduled WFs.

Anther method could be to create a new data type called “reminders” and to manage all reminders from there, but that will still need to be done by a schedueled WF per reminder, so the capacity will be similar i guess

Any ideas?


I will be monitoring you post , to see what giant will advise you, but i think this is the ideal approach you doing .

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