Best practices to send weekly digest emails


I have created a small survey tool on Bubble (obviously) and I’d like to send a weekly digest email of new answers received to polls creators.

Here are the questions I have at this stage:

  • In your opinion, is it best to send this weekly email via a backend workflow in Bubble or through a 3rd party emailing tool?
  • I would need a backend workflow in all cases to log the answers per survey for the last 7 days, but where should I store this temporary data?
  • How should I manage the fact that a user could have new answers to several surveys and should therefore receive as many emails as there are surveys that have got new answers within the last 7 days? Or is there another (and better) way to create a digest email for all surveys at once?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi. I’m wondering the same thing.
My app involves university professors supervising graduate students. I want to accumulate the events from each professor’s supervised students weekly or something, and then email that list of events out to the professors.