Best Pratice - DB structure

Hi Bubbler,

Need advise the best pratice to create db for master detail.

I have a journal table (data type), at which each journal transaction will save several data rows (things), each of those refers to unique journal number which is created for each journal.

I anticipate when my app data will grow very big in the future, please adv the following options considering speed of data saving, edit dan generate various reports:

First option:
I create journal no as a field (seq. number).
This option should be more simple and faster when save data. And to generate reports related to each journal I just need to find rows with the same journal number. It seems applicable to me but I have limited experience with db design, is there any impact in the future when my app grows or become more complex?


Second option:
I create a separate table (data type) journal no., and use it as foreign key in the journal table.
It seems to be better structure, follow standard, there is relations, but maybe longer saving process because it will create things in 2 tables (data type).

Thanks in advance