Best resource for learning how to code your Bubble site?

Using my Bubble site as a template, what’s the best path to learn how to begin to build a clone of my website off Bubble? I’m curious if there are any resources that teach how to recreate Repeating Groups and Reusable Elements in code. If you were to clone your Bubble app, what’s the best combo of front-end/backend platforms, and so on.
I’m more intellectually curious than anything, as I’ll be focusing my entire efforts on building and optimizing my app within Bubble.
I realize its likely not an easy or straightforward answer, and I know there are tons of “learn how to code” courses but I think learning how to code in context of Bubble would be particularly effective.

Deploying and hosting your site would probably be the most difficult to figure out on your own and obviously would be the last step. I’m sure there are countless opinions but the easiest thing in my opinion would be to download a free text editor to your computer like Sublime Text and then create an html file, a javascript file, and a css file. Then google how to link them and how to structure your html and you can see how easy it is to learn and build things yourself. Once you have an html file you can just Open with your browser and there it will be, your own website (just locally on your computer and not deployed for the rest of the internet).

Sites for pre built bubble-like styling code:

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Take a look at

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