Best Shipping Calculator / Integration

Initially thought Shippo was the route for shipping integration but after installing the Plugin it seems very bare. It’s unclear how to implement and there is little to no resources/training on how to implement. The one forum post with a “how to” video well that video is listed as private and isn’t available.
Are there any other options? Do I need to manually setup the APIs?
Seems like a gap in the Bubble space - am I wrong?

Hi Joshua!

I had a lot of trouble filling this gap in my app as well but I landed on using the EasyPost API plugin from Copilot. I’m not finished setting it up quite yet so final verdict is still out, but it seems to have most of the calls I would want to have available for a marketplace type app.

There’s unfortunately also limited documentation from the app creators, but the EP documentation is pretty good so far. EP also emailed me (a real human!) after I signed up to check in on how I was doing, so that was super nice.